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Project Description

Coil binding is a good choice for larger documents that must open flat on a work surface.

  • Coil binding allows for 360-degree rotation of bound pages.

  • The pages on coil-bound document turn easily and stay put.

  • When opened, the pages of a coil-bound book rotate around the coil with very little resistance.

  • The coils used for spiral binding are available in a variety of colors to complement the book’s cover.

  • Spiral coils also come in a variety of diameters to accommodate books of varying thicknesses.

  • Spiral coil binding are available in a variety of lengths.
  • Plastic coil binding is an excellent choice for reports, sales presentations, music books, proposals, directories, cookbooks, instruction manuals and maintenance guides.

  • Perfect choice of binding for mailing because it does not crush, and is extremely durable and lightweight.



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