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Project Description

Hardcover Bookbinding Service

or Hard Cover Bookbinding

Hard cover binding or case binding is the process for making hard cover books, such as reference books, yearbooks, children’s books, novels, coffee table books, art books, and most custom books. Hardbound books have a formal and eloquent look – like the books one sees in a library. The ‘binding strips’ are available in assorted colors, and text – such as the title, volume, author name, or all of the above – can be printed on them.

The advantages of case binding a book are the strength and durability you get from the various case binding techniques. The look of the hardback book is also superior with the availability of leather, papers and various fabrics that can be used to encase the book. These materials coupled with the variety of specialty finishing techniques, such as foil stamping, give the case bound book a professional and elegant look. A printed dust jacket can also be applied to finish off your book.

The one thing to remember with hard binding is that, as with real books, it does not open completely ‘flat’ and therefore is not a good choice for something like a manual, which you would need to lay wide open.


Personalize your books with our vast array of custom book plates.


We reproduce your research work and bind it for a creative and quality presentation.


Legal documents often have tabs and fancy panel lines on the spine. We bind reviewers, and other legal references.


We rebind worn-out or damaged textbooks. We also offer hard binding services for personalized photo albums, diaries, travel journals, and sketchbooks.



We offer both black-and-white and color digital printing. For copy jobs, we have state-of-the-art black-and-white and color copier equipment that will create crisp, clean prints. You can stop by and submit copy jobs to us in person or send us your job online.

We offer full-color printing and copying services, image reduction and enlargement services, and duplication and high-speed photocopying services, as well as finishing services like hard binding, soft binding, plastic binding, coil binding, laminating, and gold stamping.

We can handle document sizes including A3, A4, and short and long bond paper, as well as large formats including 12×18 and 13×19 paper sizes.